Chocolate Zucchini Mini Muffins: Stealthy Veggies

January 31, 2017 Comments Off on Chocolate Zucchini Mini Muffins: Stealthy Veggies

So, parenting is hard. Really hard. With my little ones,¬†frustration sometimes arises around vegetables. If there’s anything remotely green (that isn’t a cucumber) on E’s plate, he goes running for the hills. And you know that look that crosses your face when you catch a whiff of a giant pile of hot garbage? That’s how E’s face looks when he sees zucchini. That’s why I’ve resorted to hiding certain vegetables so that he still gets them into his diet every once in a while. These chocolate zucchini mini muffins are quickly becoming my go-to way to get E and R to eat their share of zucchini.

Some days, I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job at this whole being a parent thing. Most days, especially with me going back to work full time, I feel like I’m a missing the mark here and there. I can definitely say that those guilty mommy moments are starting to pile up… There’s a lot of pressure that comes with this job. I mean, you’re charged with keeping a small being alive, but that’s not the entirety of it. Of course, you love them more than you could’ve ever fathomed loving anyone or anything.